How to Rapidly Move Your Learning Online - Dealing with COVID-19

Most disciplines within companies are currently organizing strategies to deal with the sudden transition of the majority of their workforce to remote teams.  This is especially true in L&D, where many HR leaders are scrambling to replace in-person programs and provide new digital sources of support to team members.

For the foreseeable future, the in-person element of L&D is not an option.  In response,  organizations are updating and expanding their digital learning repertoire, testing whether and which digital learning tools can help them efficiently achieve their objectives at scale.  The biggest concern with going digital is usually that the experience loses the personal touch and just becomes one more task for your team to get done.  We’ve built Pluma to eliminate that concern.

Moving an in-person experience to online is much more than digitizing presentations and putting speakers on video.  It’s about whole new ways of engaging employees and re-evaluating learning modalities.  Pluma optimizes engagement by mixing modalities -- video, messaging, readings, and fieldwork ensure the “digital” experience is much more than just digital, it’s personal.

Additionally, working with an executive coach over a period of months allows employees to build a robust relationship with a thought partner, something much more intimate than would occur through one or two in-person seminars.  This kind of intimacy leads to true development, behavioral change, and habit formation.  With Pluma, employees have a safe space to address the underlying sources of their day-to-day challenges.

Pluma adds the personalized element that can be lost in more curriculum-based online learning options and our focus on engagement ensures your team gets the most out of the investment you make in digital learning.
Is your organization expanding its digital learning initiatives?  Pluma has implemented a Rapid COVID-19 Support Program wherein we can launch up to 200 seats of coaching for an organization within 24 hours.  That means if you decide today you would like to provide your team members with access to a coach, they can start their first sessions by tomorrow.  For more information please email or request a demo on our website at