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Scalable executive coaching is catching fire as an increasing number of organizations realize that the quality of leadership at all levels is critical to long-term success.  Pluma is a market leader with our  customizable enterprise platform integrating unlimited messaging and video sessions with an experienced executive coach.

Our growth has been phenomenal with customers like Adobe, Dropbox, Gilead, Gap Inc, Uber and others.  We are a team dedicated to authentic leadership and healthy business practices, committed to sustainable growth and partnerships for all of our stakeholders.  As part of our rapid expansion, we are looking to hire passionate, motivated team members who value culture and the “how” of business as much as the “what.”

The economy is strong and opportunities abound, so we know through our coaching work as well as our own hiring experience that it takes a lot to inspire loyalty and attract talent.  It’s not just about salary or benefits, those have become table stakes for many job seekers, but instead about what’s interesting and heartening to spend your time doing.  

We have an immediate need for Sales Development Representatives, Enterprise Sales Executives, Software Engineers and more!  Check out all of our opening here.  Or, if you have other questions, email us at

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Alexandra Connell

Alexandra Connell is CEO and Co-Founder of Pluma. Prior to starting Pluma, Alexandra held corporate roles across several industries including technology, biotech, and investment management in New York and London. During her role as Chief of Staff at biotech company Solazyme, Alexandra found inspiration for what would ultimately become Pluma. Shortly after IPO, the company was challenged with transition and change. Senior leaders were hired from outside firms. Emerging leaders, who had brought the company to IPO, felt alienated. To preserve a culture of innovation and flexibility, Solazyme needed to upskill and season its newer leaders - and fast. Engagement with content subscriptions was limited. There was significant pushback around the inefficacy and inconvenience of workshops and seminars. The one resource requested repeatedly was executive coaching, but this was simply too expensive and administratively cumbersome to provide across the board to those in need. Alexandra and her cofounder, Samuel Cabral, set out on a path to disrupt traditional leadership development. By leveraging technology, countless interviews with L&D professionals, and a network of thought leaders at Harvard, they developed a cost-effective and turnkey solution for developing leaders. By making executive quality coaching and professional development accessible more broadly within organizations, Alexandra leads Pluma`s mission to build the next generation of happy, inspired, and highly effective leaders. Alexandra holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Public Policy from Princeton University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

San Francisco, CA

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