The Best Leadership Quality You Didn't Know You Need

We hear so much about what it means to be an effective leader. Yet in reality the central qualities of an effective leader are relatively simple. Read on to learn about the best leadership quality that you didn’t know you needed.

Let’s explore the following four crucial leadership qualities:

1. Decision-making:

Decision-making is at the heart of what it means to be an effective leader. Decisions can keep even the most seemingly confident leaders awake at night.

How to make good decisions as a leader? What are the characteristics of fearless decision-making?

When anxiety and doubt begin to creep in, if you have a range of strategies ready, you can move beyond fear and avoid the stagnation that comes from fearing the consequences of your decisions..

Decisions become much less daunting when you learn to hone in on the most powerful options. By remembering that any one  decision is simply part of an ongoing library of your performance will help you retain a better sense of perspective.

At the same time, keep the significance of data in proportion, realizing that it is not the sheer quantity of data but the quality of data and quality of your analysis that will make the difference. As you reflect on your own capabilities and previous successful decisions, consider how you will bring that experience to this new decision.

Overall, uphold self care, as well as honesty and trust throughout. As you operate at an optimum level you, can ensure that you move forwards in agreement with your team.

2. Adaptability

We often value steadfastness as something that makes someone determined and focused.  However, for a leader, the ability to adapt is essential. In the workplace, a steadfast leader can quickly become an ineffective leader who appears to have their head in the sand and is completely out of touch with their team. As we strive to avoid being seen as an ineffective leader, how can we ensure that we manage effectively and display strong leadership?

When we have the capacity to be open, to consider and value the views of others, we can  exercise a leadership style that promotes collaboration and humility. The capacity to adapt and value the views of others are key factors in the growth and success of any business.

Why? To surround oneself with the views of others, including confident and experienced stakeholders is the biggest element of successful management. If you can be a manager who is not afraid to listen, you can ensure that your own opinion remains checked, details driven, based on hard facts and in perspective. If you are challenged to always seek the finer details, remain focused on the project outcomes and utilize the expertise within your team, you can make adjustments as the project develops and secure rich, long-term growth that benefits the entire team.

3. People management

There comes a point when you realize that managing people is a lot more complex than the books would like to have you think. Engagement, respect, agreement and trust; these are qualities that must be genuinely and consistently cultivated over time. There are no shortcuts.

It’s quite simple really - you have to give respect if you want to be respected in return.

How do you gain respect from your team? By acknowledging the part that every one of them plays in your business success each time they step through the door and get down to work. It is easy to overlook effort, but without it, you have no business – a fact that your co-workers will not have missed. So consistently notice the efforts of your team,  actively encourage them and positively reward their toil.

If you can celebrate your team, you’ll eventually find that they will celebrate you too.

4. Consistent business growth

Growth – getting it, keeping it and increasing it. The constant and ever-changing goal that we must all chase. How to do it best? Build a culture of innovation where we:

- Allow our team to take small, calculated risks with our full backing

- Create a culture that delivers new opportunities

- Welcome a collection of voices that spans all stakeholders, working to a shared, forward-thinking vision which includes the area of finance as much as anything else.

5. The best leadership quality of them all:

As much as we all want to be reflective, develop and grow, the issue here is about the many things that keep us leaders up at night. Thus you will be pleased to know that there is in fact, a common thread here. So rather than four new qualities to chase on a daily basis, you will be relieved to know that they can all be summed up within the quality of values.

That is the ability to align values across a team. When you pursue a leadership style with the alignment of values at its heart, the best practices in decision-making, the capacity to adapt, people management and consistent business growth happen naturally.

How to achieve this? Aligning values across the team means leading from a approach that consistently builds safety, trust and presence - values that are important to every stakeholder, regardless of who they are.

Do you want to learn more about the best leadership quality?  Let’s talk!